BJ's or Breakfast Jacks?

Just thought this needed to be shared.

9:37 AM p: that is NOT a breakfast jaack
that's totes on ciabatta bread or something
+ that has bacon
me: dude
thats what their website looks like too
p: no way
me: you can substitute ham for bacon
me: yes
Fried egg, ham and American cheese on top of a bakery bun. Guests can substitute bacon or sausage for ham
9:38 AM p: this is the best day of my life
you have changed me in a way i cannot express
9:39 AM me: I <3>
p: but still.. the photo is not on ciabatta bread
infact, the no sesame hamburger bun is totes the way to go
9:40 AM so soft! so moist!
so <3
bakery bun. i have to remember that.
me: ha
9:41 AM thats just like a toasted bakery bun
p: it's not toasted tho
the miracle of the bj is mindblowing
i mean that in both food and sex.
9:43 AM me: wow
i was like what?
blow jobs?