Popin' Cookin' Italian Breakfast - "Intellectual Education Candy"

After doing the Popin' Cookin' Sushi, I absolutely had to go back and get more packages!  I have a problem... clearly.

When I get home, I tell my mom that I've made a very silly purchase.  And while I do realize that this is a waste of money, and this is how one piddles away their savings, she just needs to get rid of those thoughts and enjoy what it is.  Awesome.

Although really, I didn't really need to say anything.  I am her daughter after all.  She was equally as smitten with the Popin' Cookin' and wanted to know which kit we were going to do first!  Wanting to save the sushi kit for my smush, we opted to make some pizza & pancakes.  Japanese people eat a weird combination of foods for breakfast.

It was the same dealio as the Sushi kit... what was really the weirdest tho was the "hamburger meat."  It looked almost too real.  And creepy!  Anyway here's a fun collage of all the food stuffs me mummie & I made!

***** Update *****

You can get these in Los Angeles at Nijiya Market on Sawtelle!