Yamashiro Farmer's Market

Clearly I am behind the times since this has been going on since March & I'm only hearing about it now.  Magician, why didn't you tell me about this?!

Yamashiro, the stunningly beautiful restaurant just above the Magic Castle apparently hosts a late night Farmer's Market every Thursday from 5PM - 9PM.  It's just enough time for us work-a-holics to rush over & drown a glass (or several) of wine while watching the sunset and wishing we saw more daylight in our lives.

I'm getting together a group to check it out next Thursday August 19th if any of you are interested!!  Wine tasting, music & a sunset overlooking the city of stars... sounds like a magical night.

Plus with vendors like Embrace Sweets Brownies & Best of the Wurst German Foods, I know we'll be in for a treat.

Yamashiro Garden Market
1999. N. Sycamore
Los Angeles, CA 90068