My first attempt at making "Poor Man's Beer Braised Pork Belly."

After tasting what was perhaps one of the most incredible pieces of pork belly from Chef Allen Buhay at the Test Kitchen, I knew it was finally time to delve into the fatty underbelly of delicious foods.  Realize that it takes years of experience & know how to master the technique of turning a chunk of fat into a mouthwatering, heavenly melt in your mouth piece of joy... so don't chastise me for my first attempt.  Suggestions & comments however are always welcome!! 

Plus.  I was working under very non-idyllic situations.  i.e. my boyfriend's understocked and poorly ventilated kitchen.

However, I do think I did decently well, and it has definitely inspired me to continue to work this fatty idea!  Plus, the ingredients are super cheap, so that's a total added bonus.

2 lbs of pork belly - $4.50
2 cans of Tecate - $4
Salt, Pepper, Jerk Seasoning & Garlic

 I started with my nice piece of pork belly.  
Scored both the top & bottom & then coated with salt, pepper & jerk seasoning.

 I then seared the top & bottom in my oh too small pot.

 Once it was nice & brown & the apartment started to fill with smoke, I took it off the burners & added in my beer... just enough to almost cover the top. 

 I then covered the pot & threw it in the oven at 350 degrees for an hour to soften up the fat. 

 Almost done, but my boyfriend's belly was grumbling, so I finished it back on the burner.

 I threw some garlic into the pan and cooked the tops & bottoms until they were nice and crispy!  I also succeeded in smoking up his ENTIRE apartment in the process... so now everything smells like pork belly.

  It turned out decently well.  I loved the flavor, you could totally taste the Tecate & jerk seasoning, but I do wish I'd let it cook in the oven for longer... the fat was tender, but could have been much much better.