Cart For A Cause: Ray Garcia Edition

Chef Ray Garcia has been a hero of mine for quite some time.  His love of deliciously unhealthy yet fetish satisfying meats has elevated the whole bacon phenomenon to the next level by offering a selection of bacon wrapped bacon, and my favorite, bacon waffles with bacon syrup and bacon ice cream.  WHAT?! Yes.

Plus getting to meet him at the Beverly Hills Food & Wine Festival, truly sealed the deal.

So when my foodie friend, Mr. Catatouille told me that he was cooking in the Cart For A Cause truck, AND that it would be parked within spitting distance of work, it was a no brainier as to where to lunch on Tuesday...

Dragging my co-workers out for a little truck hunting adventure, we easily spotted the Cart.  I could see Chef Garcia hard at work inside the truck & the little crowd that was gathered waited anxiously for their food.  Considering Chef Garcia is a master with fatty meat products, Pancetta & Shortrib Meatloaf Sandwich seemed like the obvious choice.

Surprisingly for a mere $10, the sum of which could feed a senior citizen for a day (as quoted on the side of the truck) we were given a feast!  In addition to the sandwich,  there was a lovely quinoa salad with sweet potato & granny smith apple, a bag o' Wonderful Pistachios, a selection of POM beverages including their new coffee line & Miss Lilly's cookies in case the Fig Bar for dessert wasn't enough. 

It was a wee bit cold however, so we grabbed our Lexus recycled plastic goodie bags stuffed with yummy noms and headed back to the office where we could chow down.

Plus, we could feel good about giving back a little, considering the cart was raising money for Meals on Wheels, an amazing charity!
If you'd like to find out where the truck's headed next, you can follow them on twitter @cartforacause. If I'm reading correctly... it looks like Chef Garcia's coming back for a round 2 on Jan 18th!