The Boiling Crab - K Town

This is one restro I have been waiting what seems like forever to try.  I'd attempted the Garden Grove & Anaheim locations several times, but was always daunted by the 2 hour plus wait, and thwarted by hungry and impatient party members.

So when my friend Mr. Catatouille told me that a new K-Town location was opening up on MLK day, I was sold.  Hook line & sinker.  I was finally going to eat mounds of crustaceans marinated in the "whole sha-bang," baskets full of spicy cajun fries, and sweet corn on the cob all while donning super silly bibs.

We made a date (on the early side) figuring that at 6PM there would be almost no wait.  We were half right.  The restaurant was STILL packed, but our wait time was under 30 minutes.  Which was the right decision considering when we left the patio out front was packed with waiting parties.  Although, it should be noted that there are several bars within walking distance, which should ease those long waits. 

When you walked in, you were immediately hit with a wave of garlic, spice, butter & seafood.  A heavenly scent to our hungry group, but a little nauseating 4 hours later (I'll get to that part in a bit).   We sat in one of the booths, graffiti-ed a little bit on the sharpie covered furniture, and perused the menu.  My friend called me that morning to give me the low down... she & her mom could consume about 3lbs between them, so our motley group of 6 decided 10lbs would do.
  • 3 pounds of shrimp
  • 2 pounds of clams
  • 3 orders of king crab legs
  • 2 whole dungeness crabs
  • + corn on the cob, fried oysters & cajun fries
Sadly they were out of crawfish & blue crab, but I was more than satisfied with our order.  In reality, next time I go, I'd be satisfied with just the crab legs and shrimp. For the seasoning, you could either choose, Rajun Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Butter or the Whole Sha-Bang!  Clearly you know what we got.

First, the oysters & the fries came out.  Medium spice fries... still too hot even for my newly developed heat seeking taste buds.  I probably drank a gallon that night just to keep my temperature in check.

The shrimp, clams & crab legs were all pretty self explanatory to your everyday seafood eater, but when they dropped off a bag filled with two whole crabs, we were certainly at a loss.  The waiter, after registering our confusing, explained that you pop off the top from the back and then quickly walked away with no further explanation.  Buyer be wary, this isn't a restaurant for the timid. 

My only qualm was with the restroom situation.  Only one bathroom per gender with no external sinks?!  Handi-wipes and paper towels can only do so much when you're covered head to toe in butter, garlic, spice and seafood carnage!  I'd be sure to pack a few tins of mints & plan on heading home for a long hot shower afterward if you don't want the scent to linger for days... 

I will for sure be back once they have their liquor license!  $2.50 Domestics?  Sold.

The Boiling Crab - Koreatown
3377 Wilshire Blvd. Ste 115
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 389-2722 (CRAB)