The Non-Foodie NYC Tour...

I just wanted to take a quick second and apologize for my totally unjustified absence from the normal flurry of Cake & Heels posts... and for the lack of debuting a new Cupcake of the Week as of yet (I still have 3 more days of the week to get my sh*t together).

 I was in New York.  Not on my normal foodie excursions (I know, FAIL) but on a cheap & easy bar tour of the city with my friend B for her birthday (yes, I will keep saying it's your birthday, birthday girl, because I would probably have NOT gone on said trip had it not been for you.)  So my weekend was a blur, complete with fuzzy pictures of what I think was delicious food, but nothing really blog worthy.

I did however find my next Halloween Costume.

That is unless my boyfriend can convince me to be Pikachu... a task at which he is trying very hard to accomplish.  Especially since we really want to adopt Pikachu cat so Zero can have a feline friend at home.

So... with all that said.  I'm BACK.  Get ready for some yummy-ness ahead!