Breakfasts @ Coachella

Since most of you visit my blog to stare at nom-y goodness, figured I'd share the snapshots of our somewhat ridiculous breakfasts while out in the desert.  Enjoy!

Bacon Cinnamon Rolls
Classic Palm Springs Breakfast
Crumbled Chorizo, Egg & Bacon Sliders
Spicy & Decadent, these might have tasted even better had we buttered the rolls with garlic butter beforehand.  Perhaps next time.

French Toast Bacon Sliders
Once you've stopped drooling, this is an addition from the very talented Sean Brogan, who came to the rescue when I refused to be roused from my bed Saturday morning.

Baked Eggs & Tomatoes w/ Basil & Parmesan
The first thing sans bacon!  Figured after a weekend of abusing our bodies we should finish off with something healthier. Granted I did drench it in garlic olive oil before baking.