Cloak & Dinner: Rookie Blunders || 6.11.11

In our latest episode of Cloak & Dinner, we invited guests to join us on a tour of opening night, in which the waiter is constantly confusing courses, and delicious mistakes were made... so here's a little tour of how "Rookie Blunders" went down. 

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Appetizer as Dessert
Pound Cake w/ "Chocolate" Sauce
Grilled Sweet Potato Pound Cake w/ Mole Chili & Parmesan Crisp

*Waiter, There’s a Jalapeno in my Drink*

Soup & Salad as Palate Cleanser
Cream of Lemon Soup & Finocchio Salad 

Entree as Soup & Salad
Caesar Salad & French Onion Soup
French Onion Soup Burger w/ Deconstructed Caesar Salad


Palate Cleanser as Appetizer
Ahi “Tuna” on Rice Cakes
Watermelon Tuna Sashimi on Brown Rice w/ "Wasabi & Ginger"

Dessert as Entree
BLT & Avocado Sandwich
Candied Bacon w/ Tomato Cake & Avocado Ice Cream in Lettuce Cups