10 Most Lickable Chefs from LA Times THE TASTE

And to finally wrap up my LA Times Taste of Los Angeles coverage... (food, drinks, chefs)

My friends & I have a little game we like to play from time to time.  This goes hand in hand with our stolen from How I Met Your Mother game "Haaaaaave you met..." which forces my single friends to have to talk to strangers (who are generally cuter when I'm wearing my contacts) when we're out on the town.  It's a favorite of mine, and it's gotten mixed reviews (BUT resulted in a few dates!) from my friends. 

So naturally we had to up the ante.  Thinking along the lines of the immature PEN15 game, we knew we'd developed the next level to our Russian Roulette of meeting strangers at a bar.  Talking to someone, ok.  Touching them... step in the right direction. But Licking them?  Ding ding ding!  It's the holy grail of meeting someone new.

And of course we just operate under the assumption that Chefs (when not sweaty after working 24 hour shifts) would taste awesome when licked!  Perhaps you might get an errant drop of cake batter, or a bit of misplaced foie gras, but either way here's my list of the 10 most lick-able chefs from LA Times Taste of Los Angeles!

#1 - Ludo Lefebvre
I mean ever since this photo of Ludo shirtless emerging from the ocean with two fish hit the intraweb he was always one of our #1 targets to lick.  I mean, c'mon. Look at that. Who wouldn't want a little Ludo Bite in their life?  Krissy is certainly one lucky lady.

#2 - Giada de Laurentiis
I LOVE Giada. Just simply adore her.  We used to have Everyday Italian parties & make whatever she was making on a weekly basis in college.

#3 - Ray Garcia
The King of Bacon.  There's no way he doesn't taste amazing!

#4 - Craig Thornton
I'm hoping that by getting close enough to Craig to lick him, I'd finally be able to get into one of his dinners.  Because after you've shared a lick, an underground supper club sort of seems passe. 

#5 - Ricardo Zarate
Understandable to anyone who's heard the "not Ricardo" story... and for anyone who hasn't, just ask :-). 

#6 - Roy Choi
By far one of my favorite chefs in Los Angeles, Roy Choi is the MAN when it comes to lick-able foods.  Plus he was just so darn adorable at all of the Taste Events, it was hard NOT to snuggle up to him.

#7 - Antonia Lofaso
I'm just hoping that she tastes like a deep fried fluffer nutter.

#8 - Michael Voltaggio
It's hard to not want to lick talent & Voltaggio has it in abundance.

#9 - Claire Robinson
Effortlessly chic, I love Claire's style & attitude.  I had a hard time keeping my licks to myself.

#10 - Fabio Viviani
And finally, oh Fabio. Enough said.