Has it really been that long...?

Seems fitting that I'd take a nice little break from blogging & when I come back Google's felt the need to completely change their entire system.  Oh Joy.  This should be fun...

Anyway, back to me.  So what happened?   Where did I go?  Why did weekend dockets start disappearing?  The answer is simple.  I got lazy.  I apologize sincerely for that, but I simply got caught up in working crazy hours on probably the best job I've had in my life... So what's this job you ask? 

Yep, I've spent the last few months working with the culinary team on Gordon, Graham & Joe's awesome little cooking show, Master Chef!!  Premieres Monday June 4th!! So simply put, if you really want to see where I've been for the last two months, just tune into Fox every Monday night and it'll be as if I never left.

With that said, I'm BAAACCKKK and ready to blog up a storm.  Cheers!

Cake & Heels