About Me

Email: nicolemiizuka@gmail.com
Cell: 213.446.0572

Being a Los Angeles native, the strings of creativity have constantly flowed through my veins. Surrounded & inspired by filmmakers, artists, musicians, chefs, photographers, farmers & decorators my whole life, I’ve spent the last 10 years headed down the path of the Producer. Film School, followed by the training camp of working for the Devil Wears Prada, the 60 hour work weeks of the Agency life & the seemingly “easier” life of the Studio, I’ve realized that I’ve yet to be satisfied.

The path from inspiration & brainstorming to completed project could take anywhere from months to years… most things dying a slow death in development hell. Food on the other hand, allows for inspiration to take instant (and generally delicious) form with that crowd pleasing result I generally look for in storytelling. There’s no place for pretension in my kitchen, with some of the best ideas coming out of absurd collaborations & conversations, and with the constant rotating cast of comedians in my life, there’s always a witty pun to accompany each and every dish.

Food Styling & Photography are integral parts of the cooking equation. How can I convey my style without being able to present it properly? The simple answer is, I can't. Thankfully a background in film-making, several years on the Yearbook Committee & a mild obsession with achieving perfection create the perfect recipe for a Food Photographer.

And then there's writing. While visually portraying my craft comes easily, translating those images into words takes work. Lots and lots of work. And time. Oh and a really good dictionary & thesaurus set. Like they say, practice makes perfect, and I've had lots of time to practice. To my readers who have followed me through Xanga, LiveJournal & countless discarded blogs, thank you for your patience. Hopefully all that practice has paid off & you can now read my sometimes amusing and generally tasty musings on my two blogs below.

Cake & Heels (www.cakeandheels.com) serves as my creative outlet with my (not completely abandoned, but a little sidetracked) Cupcake of the Week challenge constantly keeping me busy.  It's also home to the ever growing list of Los Angeles activities outlined in my Weekly Docket.

Cloak & Dinner (www.cloakanddinner.com) is my newest collaboration with a very talented duo of savory & boozy to my ever so wonka-y sweet, and we hope to hit the supper club scene with a bang!